Segovia Cathedral - Spain

Segovia Cathedral is the last Gothic cathedral to be built in Spain. Its construction begun in the 16th century but not finished until 1768. Fronting the historic Plaza Mayor in Segovia , it stands on the spot where Isabella I was proclaimed Queen of Castile. Affectionately called la dama de las catedrales , Segovia Cathedral has a supremely Gothic exterior combined with a surprisingly bare interior, but contains numerous treasures.

In 1525, the construction of Segovia Cathedral was ordered by Charles V to replace an earlier cathedral near the Alcázar, which had been destroyed during the War of the Comuneros, a revolt against that king.

The designs for the cathedral were drawn up by the leading late-Gothicist Juan Gil de Hontañón but executed by his son Rodrigo, in whose work can be seen a transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance style. The cathedral was finally completed in 1768 and consecrated on July 16 of that year.

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