A modern Jew remembers the Holocaust

Images taken at the Florida Gold Coast Railroad Museum, Miami. May 25, 2008.





The Ride

The Arrival

The Arrival


Gerardo Landauer. Morgenthau , son of an jewish german immigrant who escaped from Germany in August 1938 during the Jewish Persecution.

Gerardo and his family arrived to Colombia, South America that same year. They lived in Colombia for 65 years. Gerardo married a Colombian lady, and had four children.

Two of his sons live now in Colombia and two live in USA. Gerardo now lives with his wife Diva, in Miami, FL and he is 80 years old. Diva is 70 years old.

Gerardo's father Julius Fritz Landauer. Morgenthau died in Colombia at the age of 56, on February 28, 1956 of a heart attack. Gerd mother's Else Landauer Morgenthau die in 1996. Gerardo's sister Margoth Ellen was sent to live in USA when she was 17th.

Gerardo Landauer died November 14, 2012

Diva and Gerardo - 1958 (Colombia)


Diva and Gerardo - 1968 (Colombia)


Diva and Gerardo, Freddy, Jack and Jaime - 1970 - La Buitrera, Cali Colombia


Diva and Gerardo - 1974 (Colombia)


Diva and Gerardo - 1976 (Club Nautico, Cali Colombia)


Diva and Gerardo 1985 (Colombia)


Diva and Gerardo - 2006 (Miami, FL)


His last days - November 2012

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