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Fine Horse Show (Paso Fino) Miami, Fl 2009

Taken with Canon 15 mm Fisheye lens f/2.8

Mount your horse from the left side

Why do we mount horses from the left? Is there any reason why we should or shouldn't mount from the right?

The tradition of mounting from the left dates back to the time when warriors carried swords on horseback. Since most people were and are right-handed, the sword was carried on the left hip to enable them to draw it quickly.

Horses were mounted from the left so that the right leg could swing up over their back without the sword getting in the way. Mounting from the right would be difficult, as the sword would get in the way of swinging the leg up, and might poke the horse.

So it really is nothing more than tradition. We mount from the left because we've been taught to. Mounting from the left resulted in tack that was designed to be buckled, cinched, or fastened from the left-- most halters, bridles, and saddles are left-sided. (http://www.ultimatehorsesite.com)


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